Competitor price tracking solutions that work

Firstar’s competitor price tracking solution helps companies worldwide stay competitive. With the current retail environment, competitor price tracking is a necessity not a luxury.

Gain an edge with real-time price insights into your competitors that let you identify emerging trends.  With this knowledge, you can deploy strategies and tactics to set the best prices. Once you understand your competitors’ strategies, you can compete more effectively and price optimally.

Firstar’s competitor price tracking software alerts you immediately about the products you have marked to be checked against your competitors. Best of all, it requires no additional effort to keep on top of your competitors’ prices.

When you use Ficstar’s software, you can monitor the entire market and create alerts to accelerate your response and adjust your prices dynamically.

Accelerate your price changes with Ficstar

Firstar’s software is more effective, accurate and economical than employing someone to track prices. We give you the full picture of the life cycle/stage of your product and provide insight about whether a product could be less expensive or priced higher in the future, whether price changes should be made regularly or seasonally, whether discounts or promotions would be suitable.

Developed to deliver relevant pricing information at your fingertips, Ficstar’s software helps you make more accurate business decisions based on an analysis of competitors’ pricing. With Ficstar, you can stay competitive by automating and streamlining your price checking process for thousands of products.

Our software features powerful and user-friendly price monitoring features. As soon as product URLs have been entered in Ficstar’s software, it starts working for you. Each day, it automatically checks to see if prices have changed on any of the online stores you have identified. If a product price (or availability) has changed, Ficstar will send an email alert. This lets you instantly compare the prices of your rivals, allowing you to quickly make important pricing decisions.

What will you get from Ficstar’s competitor price tracking software?

  • Pricing comparison reports; monitor who’s offering what, at what prices;
  • Automatic price change email alerts;
  • Overview of historic price history charts and stock information;
  • Potential profit gains/pricing adjustments, based on your own business rules and strategies;
  • Indication of MAP (minimum advertised price) violations;
  • Your own customized reports through a pricing dashboard;

Installation is quick and simple with no technical integrations, frictions, or limits. You can start monitoring competitor prices in minutes for any website in any country, thanks to our scalable back-end.

Monitoring price, promotion, and stock in online and offline channels has never been easier. In real-time, you can analyze the price strategies of your competitors to anticipate market changes, receive alerts and personalized reports. You’ll always be informed of price and stock changes in your sector. As well, you can integrate this information with your systems using Ficstar’s customizable API.

With Ficstar, you can monitor the complete product assortment of your competitors to analyze brand positioning and optimize your catalog, stay on top of new developments, and see which products are emerging in the market.

Firstar’s competitor price tracking software lets you adjust prices thanks to our powerful repricing algorithm. By optimizing your profit margin, you can increase the profitability of your products.

We deliver a smart and powerful solution for checking your competitor’s prices and controlling recommended prices in your e-commerce business. Firstar’s tracking tool lets you know the prices and promotions of your competitors or distributors.

Why you need competitor price tracking?

A competitor price tracking tool simplifies and streamlines data collection to help you optimize pricing, merchandising, marketing and other profit generating strategies. You can stay on top of general prices, MSRP, promotions, discounts, product availability and shipping data is collected from your competitors for:

  • Analytics
  • Competitive pricing
  • Price optimization
  • Strategic merchandising
  • Management

Using Ficstar, you can gain access to up-to-date and historical data on competitors’ prices through user-friendly graphs and easily configurable reports to drive optimal pricing and merchandising decisions.

Managing and Monitoring Competitor Prices Efficiently with Ficstar

Firstar’s competitor price tracking software is developed to simplify the conversion of massive quantities of information into actionable data. An intuitive user interface lets you focus on specific pricing opportunities to easily and quickly make decisions to drive higher profits. It’s time to discover how highly accurate product matching can be a competitive asset.

As your trusted source of competitor price monitoring software, Ficstar is focused on helping your business outflank rivals. Our tool makes it easy to track product pricing of other retailers or manufacturers to maximize business opportunities.

We have developed a solution that uses unobtrusive web crawling techniques and data aggregation modules to get and compare information on rival stores.

With a powerful and smart functionality, Ficstar’s software delivers a powerful way to monitor the pricing of thousands of products in just one click. You can see and generate detailed reports on competitor trends and price differential for efficient implementation of online marketing strategies.

Ficstar lets you take advantage of real-time pricing intelligence to make your pricing strategy more efficient. With state-of-the-art technology, Ficstar streamlines tracking requirements for high-level security, enhanced efficiency, and fast results. The software also comes with easy-to-use modules.

Experience the difference with our powerful competitor price tracking tool.

With so much competition battling for every customer, it is important to set yourself apart and show the customer why you deserve their business. This is why we bring you an affordable and custom-fit solution that is easy to use and integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Firstar’s online competitor price tracking service helps you gain valuable insight into your industry and emerging trends. It will help you deploy the right pricing strategy to drive better results and make the right pricing decisions.

Ficstar delivers a variety of features and customizable modules to detect price change across multiple websites in real-time. You can receive e-mail notifications and alerts to enhance your decision-making capabilities. Firstar’s competitor price tracking alerts and notifications are designed to be the key function of your pricing analysis and strategy. We deliver dynamic reports on products and pricing groups.

It is time to stop spending time and manpower on monitoring your competitors’ product and prices. Instead, focus on the things that matter such as defining and implementing pricing strategy, competitive price intelligence, and competitor pricing analysis. With just a few clicks, Ficstar delivers valuable reports and analytics, rather than collecting those product prices manually.

The benefits of Ficstar Competitor price tracking software

With a tool that can be customized to your company’s specific needs, you have access to current pricing and assortment comparisons collected directly from your competitors’ sites, accurately matched with your own data.

Working with Ficstar’s competitor price tracking software turns competitive retail intelligence into actionable strategic decision-making, you can use:

  • To gain a competitive advantage in a dynamic market
  • To streamline and automate a significant portion of your pricing management
  • To employ advanced pricing algorithms, statistical and predictive analytics capabilities to enhance strategic insights and decision-making
  • To optimize sales and profits

It’s time to outflank on the competition. Contact us to see what Ficstar can do for you.