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Make Pricing Decisions with Confidence

Peace of Mind Competitor Price Data Service

Your competitor price data will be accurate, up-to-date and always received on time.


A proven solution for pricing managers

With Ficstar’s reliable competitor price data, pricing managers can:

  • Adjust own prices based on changes from competitors
  • See a full landscape in competitive pricing
  • Make pricing decisions with confidence

“We have nationwide and local competitors with different pricing strategies. We used to struggle on shopping for competitor prices as we need their data to keep our pricing competitive. Ficstar has offered us a great solution for our competitor price data needs. Now we can catch up all the price changes from our competitors no matter how they make the changes. Ficstar’s data service is super reliable. We’re absolutely happy with them.”

Jorge Diaz
Pricing Manager at Advance Auto Parts

Frustrated with Low-Quality Competitor Price Data?

Without timely and accurate competitor price data, you will:

  • Lose sales to competition
  • Get reduced profit margin
  • Have decreased customer loyalty
  • Not able to make pricing decisions with confidence

Stop the Frustration and Start to Win against Competition

Immediate Results

Receive accurate competitor pricing data right after you start to work with us.

No More Hassles

So easy. Everything will be done through a professional data service.

Save Time and Money

No need to hire and train technical staff for complicated web scraping jobs.

High-quality and Reliability is our purpose

We have worked with hundreds of businesses to collect competitor pricing data for them online. We understand how challenging it is to keep getting the price data results consistently and reliably.

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“Baker & Taylor Maximizes Competitive Edge with Ficstar’s Reliable Pricing Data”

See how Ficstar’s accurate and consistent competitor price data helps bring:

  • Increased revenue
  • More profit
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Competing with confidence

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“Ficstar will always be our provider of choice when it comes to superior, quality data collection and smooth, seamless customer service. Whenever someone asks for a referral to a data mining and data extraction provider, I recommend Ficstar without hesitation.“

Margaret Lane
Vice President of Retail Sales, Baker & Taylor

“We definitely benefited from the competitor pricing data we needed in our online world. Ficstar is the expert in providing us with the most needed pricing data currently, and in the future.“

Essam Abdalla
Pricing Manager, MoneyGram


5 Key Factors to Successful Competitor Price Data Collection

In this value-packed e-book specifically written for pricing managers, you will learn how to:

  • Obtain reliable competitor price data that is essential for your business
  • Avoid risk losing money by implementing an effective price data collection strategy
  • Benefit from the deep experience of a right data partner to give your business a competitive edge

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    Peace of Mind Competitor Price Data Service

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    We will work with you to create results as what you want and how you want it.

    Receive Consistent Data

    Every time you will receive the competitor price data exactly as expected.

    Peace of Mind

    No more frustration. Be confident in making pricing decisions from now.

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    What Peace Of Mind Means to You


    Data is always accurate according to the current website.


    Data delivered always on time and on schedule.


    Experts in web scraping with proven experience and skills.

    You will not hear excuses such as limited bandwidth, cannot fix changes from websites or bots are blocked etc.

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