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Steep learning curve

Most web scraping tools need software programming skills to create and maintain crawlers. It is not uncommon you will need to create loop to run repeated tasks, and have a deep understanding in HTML, JavaScript and CSS to run the web crawls and parse web pages.

Difficult to use

Web scraping tools are to develop web crawlers to run on websites built by all kinds of web technologies. Many websites are not “crawler-friendly”, not to mention many of them have implemented “anti-bots” technologies that are designed to prevent web scrapers running on these websites.

Can't get expected results

Web page parsing requires knowledges in HTML and JavaScript. In many circumstance Regular Expressions are needed to identify and collect the needed page content. Also skills in proxies and identity hiding are needed to successfully execute web scraping jobs.

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We know it is challenging to be a web scraping engineer.

When it comes to web scraping, we feel your pain because we do this every day so we likely experienced all the pains you had! It is hard to get accurate and consistent data, especially when you need to develop and maintain web scrapers by yourself, not to mention to overcome the modern days proxies and anti-bots technologies. We have worked with hundreds of businesses to collect online data for them. We understand how challenging it is to get accurate web data results reliably.

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Business users are frustrated with web scraping tools that are hard to learn, difficult to use and cannot get results as expected. Ficstar provides a reliable web scraping service to hundreds of businesses so you can get web data as you want.

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Margaret Lane

Vice President of Retail Sales, Baker & Taylor

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