Real Time Data from the Deep Web

With Ficstar’s fully managed web data collection service, you will have all the data you need in real time, powered by content from the Deep Web.

From the Deep Web to Your Database

Collecting valuable data from the internet can be a slow, challenging, and error-prone process that wastes precious human and financial resources.
Ficstar’s data mining solution collects data from the Deep Web, transforms it into relevant and usable results that perfectly match your business needs, on time and in real time.


Curious about your competitors pricing strategy? Real-time competitor price intelligence is key to staying ahead of the competition. Let Ficstar show you how.


Have your competitors moved or opened a new location? View competitor location information, up-to-date, and in real time. Imagine the possibilities and let Ficstar bring them to life.


Drowning in incomprehensible data from various sources? Ficstar’s complete solution efficiently sorts, matches, and delivers the exact data you need, integrating it perfectly into your system in any format you want.


Monitoring social media performance is a gold mine in today’s business world, but it can be complex and overwhelming prospect. Ficstar’s cutting edge solution makes it simple to accurately monitor your social media performance and view real time social media data on your competitors’ performance.


Data mining from the Internet is a challenging job as the web technologies evolve every day. Leave all these challenges to the experts so you can focus on your core business that provides you the real value.


Knowledge is power and efficiency is smart. A custom-designed search engine delivers data custom fit for your business, on time, in real time, and perfectly integrated into your existing database. Speak to our professional designers and get exactly the results you need.

Value, Power, and Versatility

Whether you wont to track competitor prices. updated competitor locations. or in-stock status our powerful and smart custom web crawler is the ultimate tool for collecting exactly the data you want and need. Ficstar’s Cloud-based web crawling and storage system lets you view comprehensive results without an investing in expensive Big Data infrastructure.

Fully Processed Results, Available Right Away

With Ficstar, there’s no need to manually combine and update raw data in-house. We process the information and give you results in the exact format you want. We match and compare data from multiple web sources so you don’t have to check each record and merge the data sheets. From e-commerce shopping lists to business directory websites, we check updates and remove duplicates so you don’t have to.

The Competitive Edge,
Expertly Delivered

We’ll compare competitor prices, provide monitoring services, and schedule tasks based on your preferences for each competitor. We can also provide competitor data analysis on new and removed products. price changes. and trends. Our man-aged service model frees you up from time-consuming tasks such as software installation, learning the interface, script writing, web crawler agent building, and maintenance. Let us collect the web data so that you can focus on your core business.

Knowledge | Insight | Strategy

Unlike surface web results, data from the Deep Web allows you to retrieve data from any point in time, giving you a complete picture. You can compare historic results and see trends that empower you to transform data into real market intelligence. You can view the market from a customer perspective by viewing historically what has worked and what hasn’t and quickly react and adapt to change. it’s like having the entire history of the Web relevant to your business at your fingertips.

Find, Collect, Process, Present: from Input to Output

We are web data mining experts and we specialize in crawling difficult sites with challenging
scripts and scraping hard-to-retrieve embedded content. Our web crawlers scan millions of web pages per hour and save billions of records per day. Our intelligent system matches and compares data from many sources and delivers high-quality results in aggregated report formats customized for your business. From collection to delivery, Ficstar is your data solution, providing your business with comprehensive and relevant results you can put to use in real time.

Custom Web Crawler

All web crawlers will be custom designed for your business needs. Whether you want to track prices or in-stock status, the custom web crawler is the ultimate tool to help you find exactly the data you want.

Web Data Collection

We specialize in advanced web data collection for crawling difficult sites with challenging scripts and collecting hard-to-get embedded web content. Our web crawlers scan millions of web pages in hours and save billions of records a day.

Data Processing

The system is able to intelligently match and compare data from different sources and refine all results in the exact output format you want.

Output Reporting

All data output is presented in high-quality reports in an aggregated format based on your requirements Data files will be delivered on your required schedule through secure web servers.

Features You Will Love

Easy Data Input

Our no-hassle importing process gets your input data into the system. Or you can simply send us your input data, and we’ll take care of it.

Simple Scheduling Steps

Set up schedules the way you want to receive data deliveries and updates: daily, weekly, monthly, or however you want.

Automatic Email Notifications

Add your email address to the system to receive notifications any time you like for important messages such as data delivery or system errors.

Easy Data Exporting

Easy-to-export output results in
whatever format you want.


Summary reports with statistical information provide good insight on your needed data and the changes.

Automatic Backup

All data will be automatically backed up;
no need to worry about data loss.

Ready to Get Real Time Data from the Deep Web?

With Ficstar’s fully managed web data collection service, you will have all the data
you need in real time, powered by content from the Deep Web.