Peace of Mind Web Scraping Service

Ficstar’s powerful web scraping technology helps collect all the data you need from anywhere on the Web.

Any Data You Want, At Your Fingertips

Your business is unique and so are your data collection and integration needs. Ficstar’s powerful web scraping technology is capable of retrieving the data your business needs to operate effectively and efficiently. We provide a complete solution custom fit for your business, on time, in real time, and integrated perfectly into your existing database.

All the Data You Need

Collect all of the data you need from anywhere on the web


Save data in any format, perfectly integrated to suit your needs.


Scheduled and real time results delivered on time all of the time.


All results are verified to ensure only the highest quality data is delivered.


All content is encrypted through SSL and fully powered by the Cloud.


Everything is automated, from collection to perfectly integrated delivery.

Web Data Mining for Every Need

We’re the experts in web data mining, specializing in crawling and scraping difficult sites with challenging scripts and hard-to-get embedded content. Our custom-built crawlers can scan millions of pages in house and save billions of records a day. Our system matches and compares data from various sources on the web and delivers high-quality results and custom reports to fit your unique business needs.

Business Intelligence

With Ficstar, you have a smart data mining solution. Browsing, capturing, storing, analyzing, and delivery of data is streamlined and fully automated, allowing you to stay ahead of market trends. Efficient and timely business intelligence lets you make smarter decisions and develop more successful business strategies.

Web Data Aggregation

Ficstar’s innovative web data mining solution combines the power of custom web crawlers with advanced analytical capabilities. Not only is relevant data located from virtually any internet site, it is analyzed, sorted, and delivered custom designed to enable effective and accurate interpretation for all of your business needs.

Competitive Pricing

Successful competitive price monitoring requires advanced web data mining technology that is capable of exhaustive search attempts, sequential search, and synchronized web scraping. Ficstar’s industry-leading technology tracks frequently updated online prices and delivers high quality pricing data to your business in real time.

The Competitive Edge with Price Intelligence

The most popular part of our solution, a smart and powerful data mining system specifically designed to run large scale web data collection to enable competitive price intelligence for e-commerce. It can constantly run web scraping jobs on a massive scale with unparalleled efficiency. By checking for pricing updates across multiple sources in real time, you’ll have the competitive advantage of knowing your competitor’s price changes as soon as they go live.


Easy to Set Up

No technical knowledge is needed.
Simply send us your requirements,
and we will get you the results.


Real-Time Data

State of the art technology delivers accurate and quality results on time all of the time.


Completely Hands-Off

Everything is automated, from data collection to perfectly integrated delivery to your business.

Ready to Get All the Web Data You Need?

Ficstar’s powerful web search and data mining technology helps collect all the data you need from anywhere on the Web.