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Case Study

Using a service provider not getting you the expected results?

See how Baker & Taylor moved away from being frustrated and dealing with hassles by working with incapable data service providers and have enjoyed peace of mind by starting to use Ficstar’s reliable web scraping service five years ago.

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Automated Web Scraping

Ficstar provides the expertise for web crawling on a totally different level. All web crawlers can be custom-designed for your business needs. Whether you want to track prices or in-stock status, our custom web crawler is the ultimate tool to collect exactly the data you want. Our Cloud-based web crawling and storage system lets you view comprehensive results without an expensive investment in Big Data infrastructure.

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Advanced Web Data Extraction and Data Mining

We are the experts in web data mining, and we specialize in crawling difficult sites with challenging scripts and collecting hard-to-get embedded content. Our specialized web crawlers scan millions of web pages in hours and save billions of records a day. The system is able to intelligently match and compare data from different sources and present high-quality output results in aggregated report format for all your needs.

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IDC Vendor Profile: Ficstar Simplifying Web Data Extraction

We recognize the complexity of acquiring and integrating web data into your business processes. With our suite of advanced web-scraping services, we can address your challenges and provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions. We help our customers make smarter decisions, reduce costs, and increase sales.

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5 Key Factors to Successful Competitor Price Data Collection

In this value-packed ebook specifically written for pricing managers, you will learn how to:

  • Obtain reliable competitor price data that is essential for your business
  • Avoid risk losing money by implementing an effective price data collection strategy
  • Benefit from deep experience of the right partner to give your business a competitive edge
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