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Product data tailored to meet your enterprise needs

Overcome Ecommerce Challenges with Hassle-Free Web Scraping for Product Data

You need a trusted solution for overcoming the challenges of managing highly complex product data for e-commerce websites. We understand the frustrations that come with inaccurate information and time-consuming processes.  With Ficstar web scraping solutions, we ensure exceptional data quality to achieve precise product matching.


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    Escape the nightmare: Transform your ecommerce with a reliable web scraping solution

    Don’t let complex product data management hold you back


    Inaccurate data


    Slow communication

    No support



    Precise Product Matching

    Hands-off approach

    Always on time

    Fast communication

    Tailored to Enterprise need


    Baker & Taylor maximizes competitive edge with Ficstar’s reliable pricing data

    “Ficstar will always be our provider of choice when it comes to superior, quality data collection and smooth, seamless customer service. Whenever someone asks for a referral to a data mining and data extraction provider, I recommend Ficstar without hesitation.”

    Margaret Lane
    Vice President of Retail Sales at Baker & Taylor
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    Your Business is Unique and So Are Your Data Collection Needs

    Since 2005, Ficstar has been at the forefront of the web scraping industry, successfully extracting data for the largest organizations in North America. Our impeccable reputation speaks for itself. We specialize in handling highly complex projects, extracting data that others find difficult, and meeting critical time-sensitive requirements. But we offer more than just technical expertise.

    At Ficstar, we genuinely care about your business growth. We go beyond providing you with raw data – we take the time to understand your specific needs and challenges. By leveraging our deep industry knowledge and experience, we craft tailored solutions that align perfectly with your goals. Trust us to be your partner in achieving success through data-driven decision-making.

    How much my enterprise-level web scraping project will (really) cost?

    When people ask this question, we know they’ve been surprised by unexpected invoices from other web scraping firm

    The cost for web scraping ranges wildly, from $5K to $50K+. It’s crazy but true.  Most high-complexity web scraping projects take hundreds of hours to plan, set-up and build.

    At Ficstar, each project scope is a detailed breakdown for specific tasks and by project phase.

    Control costs with a transparent pricing partner.

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    Quality assurance process: The Ficstar Way

    Ficstar’s commitment to data quality goes beyond just delivering accurate and timely results. We care deeply about the success of our client’s projects.

    Ficstar defines data quality as meeting project requirements and delivering results on time. To achieve this goal, several factors are involved: ensuring the completeness of the data, its accuracy, consistency with information available on the website/source, correct format, and detecting any changes.

    Ultimately, data quality at Ficstar guarantees that the data provided to clients is complete, accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. 

    Ficstar wants clients to make the best possible use of the data we provide. And we do that by ensuring that the data is as clear as possible. We value long-term relationships with our clients and understand the importance of maintaining trust in the data provided. As a result, Ficstar strives to go above and beyond in delivering high-quality data that exceeds client expectations.

    Most common problems associated with web scraping

    If you’re considering web scraping and have done any research on the web, or if you already have experience working with web scraping, you’ve probably encountered some discussion of the problems that may occur in the process. 

    • Problem #1: The wrong results were collected
    • Problem #2: Results didn’t arrive on time 
    • Problem #3: Can’t use the results (can’t use the data)
      Problem #4: Missing results
    • Problem #5: No response to my request
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