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Kacey Sharrett

VP ecommerce, Barnes & Noble

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Essam Abdalla

Product Manager, MoneyGram

“We verify our e-commerce website with automated testing, good reporting, and using our QA team to help monitor the system. But I don’t know of any website that doesn’t have problems. They can easily be created by human error or mistakes from the suppliers.”

Rick Neuman

CIO & EVP eCommerce, Walmart Canada

“We have worked with Ficstar for 3 years, and have appreciated Ficstar’s professionalism and the partner-in-business approach to our relationship. The Ficstar team has worked hard for us, and has been very accommodating to new approaches that we wanted to try out. Ficstar has truly been a reliable, high-quality valued partner for Indigo.”

Craig Hudson

VP eCommerce, Indigo

Problems we found on e-commerce websites:

Costco: product page missing after redirecting from search results

In this case we located an issue on the popular e-commerce website costco.com that occurs when a user is searching for a specific product. The website displays the correct product title with images after the user completes the search process. However once the user clicks the link of the specified product, the website displays an error message for a ‘product not found’ instead of the according product page expected by the user.

Walmart: product search in a category shows unrelated products

When a user searches for a specific product in the “Auto & Tire” category, and then selects the “Tires” category on the left – the search is supposed to generate results in the tires category, but the listing results from the website show many non-tire products such as candle holders from the “Decor” category.

Indigo: no product images

Indigo is the largest bookstore in Canada. Their e-commerce website competes directly with Amazon for the Canadian online book market. However, 3.7 million of the books on their website don’t have cover images, while the same listings on Amazon do.

Costco: store info missing

When users search for a specific store location such as “Dallas Texas”, no store info is displayed on top of the website as expected like on other stores.

Allied Electronics: products disappeared after selecting manufacturer on category listing page

When a user navigates through the website’s product categories they can select a specific manufacturer through the result listing filter function. Even though the manufacturer filter selection shows there will be results to be displayed for the selected manufacturer, the selection result from the website displays an error page where no results are found.


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Locate problems on your website by checking errors that are missed by software QA automated testing.

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Every page on your website will be checked. You will have the peace of mind that your website is fully functional and working as expected.

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Know what has been changed on your website with daily/weekly/monthly reports. See a full picture of your website based on statistics.

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Understand the difference between your website and your competitors’ with detailed comparison and predictive analytics.

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Questions and answers:

Why should I use your solution?

We are the experts in locating problems on e-commerce websites. Powered by 15+ years experience and the most advanced web scraping technologies in the industry, we help e-commerce companies run error-free websites so they can retain customer loyalty at the highest level possible.

What is included in the free trial?

We will examine a section of your website and present a report on problems and errors found on the web pages. Also we will provide suggestions on how to improve your website’s user experience.

We have a QA team and I’m very happy with their work. What’s the difference?

We locate problems on e-commerce websites by checking errors that are missed by automated testing tools – namely we find problems that are not found by QA developers. This is a “must have” solution for any e-commerce website.

My website only has 50 products. What kind of problems can it have?

Unless you have someone to check all pages on your website every day, and this person is able to locate all possible problems, there will be unseen problems on the website that are caused by changes such as a new product was added with wrong product info, resulting in poor user experience.

Is it easy to use your solution?

It is a plug-and-play web based solution. You just need a web browser to use it.

How can it integrate with my existing e-commerce system?

Your existing e-commerce system will not be affected at all.

How much does it cost?

The price is based on number of websites to be scraped, structure of each website, total number of web pages and frequency to run the monitoring tasks.

Will you provide support?

Yes. We are well known for the best-in-class support in our industry. The majority of technical support calls are handled within minutes, not hours of being received.

Is there a long term commitment to use your solution?

No. Our service is based on a simple month-by-month subscription.

If I like the trial results, how fast can I start to use the full solution?

You can start to use the full version solution immediately.

You will love your experience with us.

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