Deep Web Harvesting

Getting your website noticed on the web can be a difficult and daunting task. Given the vast amount of information available through any search engine inquiry, businesses are constantly looking for ways to broaden their online exposure.

The power of Ficstar’s Deep Web Harvester technique is not only the ability to tap into the riches of the Deep Web but also its ability to prepare the gathered information ready for review. We take the confusion out of the Deep Web and put the power into the users’ hands.

Empowering businesses with intelligence data gathered through deep web harvesting

When you entrust Ficstar with your web harvesting needs, we ensure 100% data quality and end-to-end monitoring for accurate data delivery. If you have a need to harvest data from the web, Ficstar has you covered.

Web harvesting (also known as Web Scraping) is an invaluable way to identify customer’s searches to their website. Increasing exposure through by using web harvesting is essential for any business looking to expand online. The use of web harvesting increases the probability that an online search will direct a potential customer to your website, a key factor in increasing online business revenue.

What is Web Harvesting?

Although extremely technical, the basics of web harvesting are easy to grasp:

  • A web harvesting program identifies websites for specific content directed at the particular web harvest inquiry;
  • The web harvesting program downloads the website information, including a link which directs the searcher to the companies’ website;
  • The information is then indexed by well-known search engines such as Google and Yahoo so it is easily accessible by further searches

As easy and straight-forward as it may sound, most business owners don’t have the time, know-how and resources to embrace the power of web harvesting. As a result, they are missing out on a valuable analytics tool.

Companies serious about increasing their web presence should seek the most cost-effective and user-friendly web harvesting solutions available to ensure their efforts are rewarded with positive results every time.

This is where Ficstar comes in. We offer a smart and powerful web harvesting solution that integrates perfectly into your existing database.

Use Ficstar to do web harvesting and data mining to extract a specialized set of data. We have developed a tool that can be customized to harvest page contents from multiple sites continuously and incrementally.

The most comprehensive and powerful tool available for web harvesting

Ficstar’s Deep Web harvesting solution is suited to meet all your data collection and integration needs. It goes where no standard search engine goes and gathers data for you, regardless of language, location, or source. After web harvesting, or acquiring the content, Ficstar’s solution enriches, normalizes, and delivers curated information prepared for you to analyze.

Our smart and powerful solution is completely customizable, making it easy for you to tailor searches exactly for your specific needs.  With virtually limitless document filtering capabilities, you can gather and prepare analysis-ready information. The program is available as a standalone web interface through SaaS or as an accessible enterprise solution behind the security of your firewall. It is designed for the technologically savvy person who wants to fully customize Deep Web search.

Our Web Harvesting solution is a one-of-a-kind tool with a successful track record of Deep Web deliverables. There are many benefits in using Ficstar’s custom tool, including:

  • To monitor and harvest topic-specific content
  • For the development of custom query criteria
  • To issue thousands of simultaneous queries
  • To include existing Surface Web search engines
  • To harvest content through RSS feeds
  • To tap directly into Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn content
  • To apply custom filtering for the most relevant results

Any business can benefit from Ficstar’s web harvesting solution, including companies in the ecommerce, travel, recruitment, content aggregation, brand monitoring, business intelligence, manufacturing and market research sectors. With the sophisticated automation capabilities, web data harvesting is the best solution for acquiring data for any of these domains.

Ficstar’s web harvesting solution provides unprecedented power to gain valuable insight. It automatically extracts information from the Deep Web and picks up where search engines leave off, doing the work the search engine can’t. Our extraction tool automates the reading, copying and pasting necessary to collect information for analysis, pulls together information on competitors, prices and financial data of all types.

We go beyond what search engines see and take advantage of the fact that Web pages reveal more information than just obvious content. We dive deep in links from other sources that point to a particular Web page that indicate the popularity of that page, while links within a Web page that point to other resources may indicate the richness or variety of topics covered in that page. This allows us to see the bigger picture, analyze Web logs to understand access patterns and trends to identify structural issues and resource groupings.

With Ficstar’s customized web harvesting solution, businesses can analyze individual trends, so Web sites can be personalized for specific users. Based on access patterns, a site can be dynamically customized in terms of the information displayed, the depth of the site structure and the format of the resources presented.

Deep Web Harvesting To Benefit Your Business

At 400 to 500 times the size of the surface Web, the deep Web is a goldmine of information waiting to be tapped for business intelligence. This requires the right approach and right tools. Ficstar offers a scalable solution designed to harvest deep web content and deliver it in a usable format.

It does not just search engines that are not able to tap into the wealth of information on the deep web; web crawlers also leave data untapped. To make sure you can access as much information as possible, Ficstar has developed a custom-fit deep web harvesting solution to access deep web content. Filling out forms, selecting from menus, and structuring content into useful formats are some of the ways Ficstar helps you access information that can help your business.

By employing machine learning, Ficstar puts search results into context and weeds out information that isn’t relevant to your search. As the software continues to learn, you’ll get better search results. Our versatile solution also takes care of the challenge of organizing data into several easy to work with formats. Less time spent on organizing information leaves more time for analysis and implementation.

If you need to track pricing information from suppliers, Ficstar’s deep web harvesting and monitoring platform brings you the latest information, not the last version indexed on Google. You can also gather market data and track the news to help predict changes.

You can discover what happens when machine learning meets deep web search. You get more relevant data, without the headache of sorting through the information you don’t need.

We comb the web for you, doing the equivalent of hundreds to thousands of individual searches. Ficstar’s deep web harvesting tool is a better choice than hiring someone to monitor searches manually. This task would be never-ending and there would still be valuable data left untouched.

With our deep web harvesting software, you can access deep web information previously inaccessible from posts, to tweets, to RSS feeds, and it doesn’t leave out “simple” things like surface sites either. An ideal data mining tool, it will be a complete search and intelligence gathering tool that delves into the Deep Web to retrieve the information you need.

Ficstar’s Web harvesting solution gives people control of their Deep Web search, making it ideal for Big Data analysis.

Contact us today and we’ll create a custom strategy so you never have to manually collect and process information from the web again.