Custom web scraping solution

Ficstar provides businesses with custom web scraping solutions for their unique data collection and integration needs.

Ficstar’s powerful data mining technology tools help you structure data and make it useable. Our platform delivers everything you need to capture and effortlessly bring data into your system.

Traditional web scraping techniques are limited in what they can do. Some sites need authentication and others use JavaScript to obfuscate their data. Ficstar uses advanced scraping techniques to get the data you need.

Web scraping for financial information, market trends and industry topics to pinpoint the companies you need to know or do business with

Ficstar offers a one-stop web scraping solution that fully meets your needs. When scraping the web, we focus on what really matters and deliver unique content by extracting and augmenting data from niche sources. We scrape the web to collect the data you need to build targeted prospecting campaigns.

Our solution is ideal for difficult or large volume web scraping tasks. Our streamlined approach to data sourcing and management easily integrates with the top business tools that you use every day.

What can web scraping do for your business?

Web scraping is a procedure used to extract information from various websites. It can be performed manually but it takes a lot of time and manpower. Software programs like Ficstar can significantly speed up and facilitate the gathering of information from multiple sources.

We use web scraping to capture unstructured data from different targeted websites and then convert it into structured data. All structured data can be stored and maintained in various databases for future usage. Web scraping is a powerful analytic tool that can be used for several daily activities like price details, weather monitoring, stock details, and real estate information. You can use web scraping to mine for data such as weather reports, auction details, and market pricing.

Why should you trust a professional web scraping solution?

It might seem tempting to do web scraping on your own or have an employee do it, but you shouldn’t. Your money and time will be spent better if you use a software-based solution to collect specified bits of information from different websites. This eliminates the effort to manually enter the website URL, request for the particular web page and then copy and paste data from that page. It is a time-consuming task that can be automated by using specially-developed solutions like Ficstar.

Our program and script are developed to establish a connection between a server and web page. After data is captured by scripts, it is structured and stored into the proper format.

Capturing all this unstructured data from different websites and converting it into structured data delivers many valuable insights. It can be stored and maintained in various databases for any future usage.

Saving energy, time and money while enhancing accuracy with web scraping from Ficstar

The importance of extracting data from the web is clear. From monitoring competitors’ prices and marketing strategies to boosting customer loyalty and sales, every business needs regular web scraping of data to analyze its growth and to also assess competitors’ performance.

At Ficstar, we developed a web scraping solution to meet the requirements of all types and sizes of businesses where different data resources are required. Our program extracts data quickly, and in an organized way without errors.

What are the benefits of web scraping?

Price Comparison: In business, you are selling products, services, or both. Making your prices competitive is the best way to attract customers. But to do that, you need to monitor your competitors’ prices.

Social Media Monitoring: In the information age, many buyers base their decisions on online reviews. So, it is important to discover what the public thinks about your brand, products, services, and your competitors. This provides insight into how to improve and maintain your online reputation.

SEO Tracking: Organic search results can help you find out SEO competitors for every keyword related to your niche. This can help you see the keywords that attract traffic to websites in your industry.

These are just some of the benefits that web scraping offers. Every company can use this data to improve their online visibility and performance.

Ficstar’s web scraping solution helps get fast, accurate and result from oriented data that cannot be easily collected by humans. It provides correct product pricing data, customers’ email addresses, phone numbers, and capture financial data, competitor analysis data and much more.

The importance of data can’t be stressed enough. You depend on it for decision-making, strategic moves, operations, and investments.

Incorporate intelligent web scrapping techniques with Ficstar that add to the functionality and efficiency of your business processes!

With our intelligence web scraping solution, you can scrape various types of data and organize extracted information into data sets. Ficstar’s software has a modern interface and meets the needs of experienced and inexperienced users by providing tips and guides.

Teeming with features and intuitive, Ficstar’s web scraping tool is suited for the modern web environment. It works well for most complex tasks, as well as tackling common extraction projects.

You can perform multiple tasks with Ficstar’s web scraping software because it is a well-developed data ripper suited for different purposes. It is can scrape less structured data because of the advanced association algorithm. Multiple format data export is well arranged. Another attractive feature is access to online pre-built templates.

Lightweight, visual, and easy to use, Ficstar takes little time to master and to extract data. The extractor doesn’t allow scheduling, but our developers are working on creating a new version with this feature.

Benefits of Web Scraping for Your Business

Web scraping is critical for business because it can help fuel a sales engine. It can reveal previously unseen information about prospects and current customers, which can be leveraged to help reps meet leads where they are and on their own terms. Web scraping offers valuable intelligence for marketers on the web behaviour of prospects. Marketing intelligence is integral to good sales and marketing practices.

When you use automation software like Ficstar’s custom web scraping tool, you can implement web scraping techniques almost immediately. You can adjust Ficstar to look for specific data and extract it in an intelligent way. What would take a team of people weeks to accomplish can now be done in a few hours with Ficstar, while ensuring 100% accuracy.

Are you aware of the changes in data occurring in the different competitor websites on a periodic basis?

Are you able to retrieve complex and complicated data that is necessary for your business from these websites?

Web scraping delivers this information on time and accurately. This is why reason you should choose Ficstar’s custom web scraping solution.

Web scraping is an essential way to get the right data at the right time. This data is crucial for the success and growth of your business.  Get in touch today and learn how Ficstar’s web scraping solution can help you get the data and information that matters.