Innovation in competitor price monitoring

Ficstar offers the best competitor price monitoring software for e-commerce companies. We deliver innovative technology for your business with our competitor price monitoring solution.

Featuring fully integrated reporting tools and cutting-edge technology, it helps your business build and maintains a competitive edge.

Whatever your sector, we provide the data needed to keep your business running efficiently. Our competitor price monitoring software features an easy-to-use interface to monitor competitor prices and streamline your processes. The tool can easily track thousands of products, making data collection convenient and accurate.

You can integrate data into your business strategy with Ficstar. Get insights on your competition and implement the right strategies. We give you the technology to discover brand placement and monitor competitor prices – all in one place.

Maximize Your Profits and Increase Your Bottom Line with Ficstar

Ficstar has developed a one-stop solution for competitive intelligence, empowering businesses with the right tools to increase profitability and sales.

With no technical integrations, customizations or limits, Ficstar is up and running in minutes and works seamlessly for any business due to its scalable back-end. Our competitor price monitoring solution can work for every e-commerce company, regardless of the platform – i.e. Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce etc.

Ficstar’s competitor price monitoring tool is a simple to use and powerful program that pays for itself in time saved. The ability to easily analyze key metrics will be a key component of your business in no time.

Competitor price monitoring: What’s in it for you?

First of all, any e-commerce company, decision-making, and analysis come down to setting the right prices for their services or products.  A competitor price monitoring tracker can utilize all reporting channels and data types at the same time or pick one or two to deliver actionable results.

E-commerce marketing is about performance, or more specifically, conversions. Thus, a smart and powerful competitor price monitoring solution can result in higher conversions and more sales.

One of the biggest benefits of Ficstar’s competitor price monitoring software is getting a better understanding of competitors’ cost structures at brand/category levels. You can gain insight into the e-commerce sites with the lowest average prices within your target product group and identify lucrative opportunities by spotting special deals between your suppliers and competitors. This eliminates information unevenness and gives you more bargaining power.

By automating competitor price monitoring, you gain access to and up-to-minute pricing information. You can optimize e-commerce marketing spending, increase sales volumes and margins for under-performing products, and better position your products or services in the market.

Gain the full view of your competitive landscape with Ficstar

In a market with more than 12 million e-commerce companies, accessibility and convenience are everything. But not all companies have the budget, staff or time to do competitive intelligence research. This is why we developed a tool for competitor price monitoring that helps companies of all sizes get started and leverage real industry insight.

Start monitoring price, promotions, and stock of your competitors in real time, anywhere in the world on a daily basis. With Ficstar’s competitor price monitoring software. you can monitor an eCommerce competitor directly, price comparison websites like Google Shopping, PriceGrabber or individual merchants in a marketplace like Amazon or eBay. You can discover the competitiveness of your prices are and identify pricing that needs adjusting to increasing sales and profits. Our competitor price monitoring solution also allows you to monitor shipping costs and delivery times for each competitor, which helps you determine on a global pricing strategy.

Ficstar’s competitor price monitoring tool has unlimited data history capacity, allowing you to see the development of prices and stock for your products, brands, and categories over time. By analyzing the price evolution, you can see the bigger picture and learn your competitors’ price strategies, the companies are monitoring each other and their profit margins.

We help you visualize price and stock information in your own e-commerce operation or any competitor. You can develop your pricing strategies in the environment that you know best; your own e-commerce business.

The interface and dashboard of Ficstar’s competitor price monitoring solution are fully customizable, configurable and easy-to-use. Developed to be powerful and intuitive, you can analyze relevant data for strategic decision-making.

Configure alerts and reports that will notify you by email when your competitors make price, product or stock changes. Filter the results with Ficstar’s advanced filters and design your own reports by defining the fields you wish to export and the frequency.

Ficstar’s competitor price monitoring software leverages an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm for matching intelligence in the market. The precision and coverage of our matching algorithm have become one of our biggest strengths. The web-based solution makes it simple to take the right action to maximize margins, boost sales or expand your offer.

You can enjoy increased business intelligence with competitor price monitoring software that requires no technical integrations, frictions, customizations or training. Your Ficstar account can be up and running in minutes and works seamlessly for any website anywhere in the world, thanks to our scalable back-end. Our solution works with every platform – e.g. Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

With Ficstar, a mix of data and information is available in real time. You can track a product that carries the bulk of your online sales and determine the price index. You can keep track of competitors and make forecasts. By using data such as the prices of products from your competitors, sales patterns can be found, and prices are tailored.

We help you track prices intelligently. Our software does this automatically, so you can optimize not only product prices but implement business and market strategies to boost the efficiency of pricing margins.

With Ficstar’s competitor price monitoring software – you can do dynamic pricing successfully with little effort. You can analyze your target audiences to see if your business will use a pricing strategy that is competitor-based, customer-based or cost-based. Pricing is one of the key components to increase an upper hand on the competition, to be at the top, so be sure to take advantage of this tool to build a unique and cutting-edge strategy.

As companies look for ways to establish a competitive edge, we help you understand what your target consumers need and how to automatically set the prices in relation to your competition.

In a fast-paced business world, the right software can save valuable resources such as time and money, streamline tasks, reduce errors, and make everyone’s life much easier.

Created by a team of highly skilled developers, Ficstar’s competitor price monitoring software is constantly being improved to meet your needs.

Are your prices too high and affecting sales? Are they too low so you’re missing revenue?

Ficstar’s competitor price monitoring software tracks competitor prices to ensure you have the right answers. Try it today!