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Reliable Competitor Price Data Service

No More Missing Price Data From Competitors

A reliable competitor price data service that always delivers high quality price data from competitors as scheduled. No more frustration for not having the accurate data on time.

I need pricing data

Professional service in competitor price data collection

  • A reliable data service that gets results exactly as you want
  • High quality data always delivered on time
  • Responsive customer support with jobs handled by experts in your field
  • Constantly improve and bring better value to you
  • Professional long-term relationship aiming for win-win

A solution for your challenges

With our reliable competitor price data service, you get a solution from hard-to-solve challenges:

  • Pricing software that is inflexible and slow to adapt to changes from competitor websites
  • Time consuming and error prone approach by manual web data collection
  • Steep learning curve for learning how to use and maintain web scraping tools
  • Corporate software development team lacking expertise in web data collection
  • Incapable data service provider not delivering reliable results

Accurate competitor price data delivered consistently

Hassle Free

No more hassle handling the challenging web scraping tools.

No Frustration

Say goodbye to the frustration not having your data as needed.

Reliable Results

High quality competitor price data delivered to you always on time.

Immediate benefits to your success

Customers from many industries use our data for their success to compete online:



Auto parts & electronic components

Travel and hospitality

A solution for any business

Pricing managers

Pricing managers rely on accurate competitor price data to adjust own prices.

Data analysts

Data analysts combine own pricing data and competitors to view the competitive landscape.


Executives use competitor price data to make key decisions in marketing and pricing.

“We definitely benefited from the pricing data we needed by service from Ficstar. Their data helped us gain a huge advantage in competing against our key competitors in the online world. Ficstar is the expert in providing us with the most needed web data currently, and in the future.”

Essam Abdalla
Pricing Manager, MoneyGram

A partner you can trust

Our reliable competitor price data service provide you a solution from business challenges:

  • Years of experience working in competitor price data collection
  • Specialize in collecting data from “difficult” websites
  • Constantly improve to catch up with the ever-evolving Internet technologies
  • A culture of professional partnership and customer success

Get the solution that generates reliable results

Try our data service for free, and enjoy the results that lead to your success and satisfaction.

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