Competitor price comparison with real-time and historical views

Firstar’s price comparison software helps businesses monitor the competition and stay up to date on any kind of change in pricing that is happening in the market. Our tool covers all the bases with:

  • Reports based on all prices of competitors and their extra costs
  • Comparison of your inexpensive and expensive products against your competitors
  • Price change alerts by email on your bestselling products
  • An overview of the price increase or decrease of the competition
  • Availability check on all products, in or out of stock reports

Firstar’s innovative competitor price comparison software combines the power of custom web crawlers with advanced analytical capabilities. By working with dynamic pricing, we help businesses save a lot of time and money.

We have developed an intuitive and powerful solution with an extensive range of reports to help you stay aware of the pricing strategy of the competition. Our product price report ensures you can see the prices of the selected competitors at a glance. The competition summary displays the difference between competitor’s prices and the relation to your own. Firstar’s competitor price comparison software features many reports and graphs that help you see what’s happening. The analytics capabilities are also expanded with each update and are often reviewed by our customers.

Real Intelligence from Actionable Competitor Price Comparison Results

Firstar’s software extracts information from many other websites. It helps businesses manage their websites’ reputation and attract high-quality traffic. You can perform price comparison, alongside other data extracting and data parsing operations, so you can see a variety of prices for specific products or product lines.

With Ficstar you can strategize early; as soon as you implement our intelligent competitor price comparison solution! Integrate pricing intelligence into your retail operation, and define new benchmarks for your various KPIs.

Improve the performance of your entire operation with the data you receive and optimize your pricing strategy. You can create targeted promotions, analyze product lifecycles, and optimize product assortments. As well, you can configure reporting and analysis for the different positions or departments in your organization.

Benefit from the most open and integrated competitor price comparison software

Competitive pricing data and analysis is strategic and central to any eCommerce business. With Ficstar’s competitor price comparison tool, you can import and “digest” any combination of product and business data from different databases, and then analyze it in conjunction with competitive product information simply and clearly for optimal business value.

We use a combination of technologies to ensure 100% product matching accuracy. By collecting commercial data directly from primary sources – your competitors’ eCommerce sites –, Ficstar’s competitor price comparison software gives you the full picture of general prices, MSRP, MAP, discounts, promotions, shipping data, product availability and shopping cart.

To offer unlimited scalability and full customization, we leverage cloud-based technology for achieving unlimited scalability in the amount of data collected and processed, and in the capacity of the software to produce actionable insights and handle concurrent users.

Full customization of every feature covers every business scenario, configured directly into our Web portal. Using a proprietary suite of products operating within this platform, Ficstar delivers flexibility and diversity of features.

With Ficstar, you can create a database of rich information about your competitor’s products and behaviour. Whether your competitors are on Amazon, eBay, other online e-commerce business or any B2C (Business-to-consumer) websites, Ficstar scrapes all the data you need.

Keep track of how many products your competitors have, whether they have any promotional activities and new products, how their new products effect on the market, and how the price of the item has gone up and down over time.

Benefit from complete visibility into competitors’ product assortment and pricing with Ficstar

We provide data intelligence to make profitable pricing and product related decisions, letting you stay ahead of the competition.

With Ficstar, you can transform market complexities into business opportunities. That said, having a competitor’s pricing is not enough; we go one step more by delivering a complete report of valuable information of your competitor’s products and behavior. Information such as discounts, inventory levels, product category ASP, product turnover, new locations added, and new items can automatically be captured from an e-commerce website using our powerful competitor price comparison software.

Ficstar allows you to focus on the information you need, including selling price, customer reviews and product ratings of your multiple competitors. This includes:

  • Filter data points like price range, brand, and ratings
  • Set up periodic alerts for price alterations, newer listings and market activities
  • Create custom reports to fit your formats and schedules
  • User-based reports like marketing, sales, and pricing

Built on advanced web data mining technology that is capable of exhaustive search attempts, sequential search, and synchronized web scraping, Ficstar extracts the right information at the right time. This is especially beneficial while fetching bulk product information with details like the product name, pricing, item number, available product quantity, description, and other required details.

Our highly accurate price matching algorithm is how Ficstar stands out as the market leader. The ability to recognize similar products, in addition to the exact matches, enhances the system’s ability to compare prices, assortment and promotions, as well as set rules and predict pricing trends.

With Ficstar’s matching technology, you can compare your products to similar products from competitors – items that are “similar enough,” such as private label products. Our user-friendly dashboard delivers the most up-to-date e-commerce pricing information, as well as web reporting. Other in-built functions include automated price change alert emails, Excel reports, and API for more extensive usage.

Ficstar tool lets you stay competitive. You can monitor and stay on top of the frequency of price changes to stay current with online product and pricing information. You get in-depth insights about your competitive situation and make decisions based on comprehensive and solid data.

Unlock the many advantages you can get by automatically checking prices online with Ficstar’s custom solution. You can increase profit optimization by seeing online price variations, and price intelligence functionalities that highlight market trends and competitor strategy changes.

Firstar’s proprietary technology can discover and compare any online price, independently from the website structure that is hosting the e-commerce, the currency, the language or the geographic zone. The software uses semantic analysis to discriminate between minimal differences in the contents, images, and variants such as colors or sizes.

Ficstar lets you see how prices are changing over time and when an action is required. You can analyze competitor websites to discover how prices are changing daily and how, what products have been deleted, and what products have been added. It is easy to compare your catalog with your competitor’s and divide products into homogeneous clusters per pricing class or typology. Firstar’s competitor price comparison tool highlights the strengths and weakness of your commercial offers.

Collected competitor price comparison data can be exported in a structured and customizable format that integrates with multiple business Intelligence systems and ERP systems. Ficstar lets you assemble custom rules to do daily calculations of best prices, as well as the must-have feature for the automation of the pricing process.

Ficstar lets you obtain additional information about competitors’ products and follow market trends. We help you discover opportunities and risks before the competition and make decisions using real data. Data can be easily collected by Ficstar’s competitor price comparison tool using any Business Intelligence software or it can be integrated with the most popular analysis tools to generate reports and compare the periodic performances. We offer a crystal-clear view of the online market and the strategies and actions to be planned.

To the advantage of integrated price and assortment tracking and monitoring features to stay in tune with the current status and recent changes vis a vis your competition, check out Ficstar’s competitor price comparison solution today and turn competitive retail intelligence into actionable strategies.