Competitive pricing data that Drives Businesses Forward

Businesses want to analyze competitive pricing data across sources and channels.

Now, you can get the best value with Ficstar’s powerful web search and data mining technology. It helps collect and make sense of competitive pricing data quickly to ensure accuracy and timeliness to position your brand in the best possible way.

Firstar’s competitive pricing data software has features and strengths well suited to different industries and business models. We have developed a versatile tool that reacts quickly to frequent competitor price changes and the seasonality of items to recommend different pricing for in-store and online products.

You can achieve better pricing optimization by gaining access to the “core” data of your competitor’s business. Raw data is the most reliable and the most relevant source of information for any business. Explore your industry vertical to uncover vital information about products you sell.

Using Ficstar’s smart and powerful data mining system, you can make significant changes to primary items across key markets. Ficstar is specifically designed to run large scale web data collection to enable competitive price intelligence.

The demographics of a market changes from country to country. By collecting trusted, accurate and up-to-date pricing data at the region, state, county or even store level, businesses can create the perfect shopping experience for their target customers.

Craft a pricing strategy that gets your business ahead of the competition

Firstar’s competitive pricing data software sees through your competitors’ pricing, promotion, and catalog strategies. You can track rivals’ strategies in real time to stay on top of their moves and market trends. Our competitive intelligence lets you see rivals’ moves so you’re ready to act quickly. Track the hottest trends to plan ahead with confidence and increase profitability.

You can spot market trends faster with competitive intelligence data on a specific retailer, category or brand and get detailed data at the sub-category and attribute level. You can also monitor competition’s catalog movement, including added, removed and out-of-stock products.

Our competitive pricing data software analyzes rivals’ feeds and internal data to make pricing simple. Profits margins can be maximized with recommended price estimates and data on Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).

Using Ficstar, you can identify what’s hot and know exactly the products customers want. Ficstar gives you access to rich market data, such as individual SKUs, product attributes, categories, or brands. We provide greater visibility into product catalogs, so you can pinpoint popular categories and products for timely promotions to increase your sales.

Our easy-to-read dashboard shows how your merchandise compares to the competition. You can benchmark pricing for individual products, categories, and brands on your competitors’ websites and identify popular items to add to your product catalog with our assortment intelligence.

Gain a competitive edge with actionable price intelligence


Ficstar delivers real-time alerts as soon as a competitor runs out of stock, so you can capitalize on the opportunity to boost the visibility of in-demand products. You can receive alerts whenever your competitor launches a new item, complete with a product description and link. This lets you quickly identify differences in your product and competitors’.

Firstar’s competitive pricing data software provides complete visibility into competitors’ pricing and product assortment. It delivers intelligence to make profitable pricing decisions. A growing number of e-commerce businesses are embracing pricing intelligence software to extract pricing data from single or multiple competitors.

With Ficstar, you get a scalable software platform intelligently that extracts pricing data and other information from multiple websites and complex data sources using a robust self-enhanced technology. It extracts, transforms and loads data, ensuring the delivery of the right information at the right time and in the right format. It extracts thousands of products from multiple websites overcomes the pain or burden of tracking competitors manually.

We deliver a standalone solution to boost your competitiveness in your dynamic pricing strategies and integrate with existing pricing systems. You can benefit from a Competitive Gap Demand Model, Enterprise Rules Architecture, and Merchant Alerts. This is deployed across channels and customer segments in as near as real-time as operational and system considerations permit.

Use Ficstar’s competitive pricing data software’s auction insights and integrated analytics reports and tools to:

  • Compare your performance with other companies in your market.
  • Discover competitors’ strategies to understand competitors’ activity on their websites and mobile apps.
  • Measure shoppers’ sensitivity to the price gap between a retailer’s prices and competitors’ prices.

Turn competitive insights into ad hoc opportunities

Firstar’s competitive pricing data intelligence is based on sophisticated analytics of competitors to develop and improve your pricing strategies. This lets you turn your daily pricing routine into an organized and manageable business process. Our Custom Web Data Collection Service monitors competitors, collects, organizes data for businesses and provides you with a solution for pricing optimization.

  • Scrape key competitive assortment data and get it in a user-friendly interface for quick and effective pricing decisions.
  • Analyze markets with the help of historical data reports on your performance against the competition.
  • Measure your category and pricing manager’s performance based on the historical data that Ficstar’s software collected.

We give you information such as competitive prices, promotions and stock availability at your fingertips whenever you need it. Price intelligently!

Take advantage of real-time competitive data to identify opportunities to increase the sales and maximize the margins.

If you’re looking for a simple, functional and powerful tool to monitor your competitors’ prices – Ficstar is the right solution for you

We offer the most intuitive leading price monitoring, comparison and repricing tools – ideal for:

  • retail companies (eCommerce) that want to monitor competitor prices, identify products with potential pricing opportunities or reprice their products
  • brands/manufacturers that want to monitor how online retailers price their products on the market or reprice their products

Firstar’s competitive pricing data software gives you a comprehensive, real-time view of the competitive landscape.

Now, you can price smartly, track, compare and analyze competitive pricing insights and receive in-depth information for optimizing your pricing, based on real-time dynamic data. The accurate and detailed information, available from Ficstar’s highly configurable software solution, helps you develop the best possible competitive pricing strategy. We let you translate strategy into action, monitor execution and results.

Leverage Ficstar’s competitive pricing data to tap into a wealth of competitive pricing intelligence. Ficstar collects information directly from your competitors, including different types of pricing (regular, MSRP, discounts and shipping, product availability and more). All this information, either current or historical, is immediately available in easily configurable reports to help businesses make optimal pricing decisions.

The tool analyzes the competitive landscape by category, brand, or any other breakdown that suits your company’s needs. The user interface has multiple capabilities to quickly hone in on specific pricing opportunities. You can define email alerts to keep a close eye on changes in the retail market at all times and stay on top of market trends.

Firstar’s competitive pricing data tool provides a clear view of your target market. It lets you make your pricing strategy truly competitive, based on accurate, ever-changing information. Historical views allow you to compare comparable periods and competitive pricing dynamics for additional insights into devising current pricing strategy, tracking price changes, evaluating market behavior and informing you in real-time of important pricing events.

With Ficstar you can benefit from a fast and easy setup with no IT integration or software installation necessary on your end. We do all the work, accelerating time to value. There is no steep learning curve or weeks of training. Ficstar offers a customized competitive pricing data solution – well suited for how you manage pricing and product selection. Unlike other tools, our software provides maximum flexibility, so it can be configured to your exact needs. You can connect to software in your e-commerce platform, ERP system, Web analytics application, pricing system, order fulfillment or inventory management system via our Application Programming Interface (API). We help you fine-tune your pricing strategy agiler. You can out-maneuver the competition with a tool automates competitive pricing data collection.

If you’re ready to maximize profits while saving time and money, get in touch today to see the difference!