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Gain a comprehensive, real-time view of your sector with Ficstar’s powerful competitive pricing analysis solution.

We know the information is the lifeblood of your business. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is essential to track and monitor your competitors’ prices, offerings, and promotional tactics in real-time so you can adjust your strategies, customer responsiveness, and market standing.

To optimize sales and profits, you need tools that support decisions to raise or lower prices or maintain the current position. Enter Ficstar’s solution for competitive pricing analysis.

What is ‘competitive pricing analysis’?

There are thousands upon thousands of eCommerce websites on the web. Every site tries to do something to attract customers. While some offer great deals and discounts, some perform much better than others. But why? Carrying out competitive pricing analysis gives these companies an edge over the competition. It’s the best way to gather the information to optimize your Google shopping feed with competitive pricing to attract more clicks and sales.

Competitive pricing analysis is an effective approach to analyze the selling price of one product across different websites. The smart pricing analysis approach helps your selling price strategy to attract more buyers. The biggest challenge in competitive pricing analysis is: how to do it?

Use intelligent competitive pricing analysis from Ficstar to gain insights to stay ahead of your competition

Keeping your prices competitive is the key to outperforming your competitors. However, perfecting a pricing strategy isn’t an easy task, and it requires continuous monitoring. To maintain competitive pricing, businesses need to change prices internally or put a pricing engine to work.

Thanks to Ficstar’s competitive pricing analysis solution, you can collect data, compare prices and see when your competitors run promotions and sales. Over time, you can gather enough data to identify your competitors’ competitive pricing trends and discounting patterns. The market trend insights that Ficstar generates allows you to make smart, real-time decisions to outperform competitors.

If you’re ready to use the best competitive pricing analysis tool in today’s highly competitive marketplaces, take a closer look at Ficstar’s strategic solution that makes the most of critical retail intelligence gleaned from your competitors’ eCommerce sites. Our powerful mining and aggregation solution enables enterprise retailers to:

  • Compete more effectively
  • Increase sales
  • Grow profit margins
  • Improve negotiations with suppliers

We can customize our competitive pricing analysis tool to fit the structure of your website and meet the needs of your business. Developed for competitor price comparison and monitoring, Ficstar’s solution is simple to use and packed with features to help you understand the price of different products at your competitor’s websites.

You can get the detailed analysis of price distribution by the manufacturer or a particular company with a detailed visual analysis. Ficstar’s competitive pricing analysis modules easily identify the expensive seller and can reprice products. You can use the tool to extract data from online stores and compare them with competitors.

Most companies update their product price periodically and keeping your price competitive is a big challenge for any online vendor. Ficstar’s competitive pricing analysis tool generates product price reports on particular dates, so you never fall behind on market trends.

Using Ficstar’s competitive pricing analysis tool gives you an edge over the competition

Without accurate competitive pricing analysis, deciding on the right price of a product or service is difficult. Businesses are relying on competitive pricing analysis tools and software for price comparison and analysis of their competitor websites. In a dynamic industry in which prices keep changing, Ficstar’s software keeps companies updated with the latest pricing and earn high profits.

Ficstar’s competitive pricing analysis software lets you optimize your pricing with real-time and historical views of prices across multiple websites and competitors. Historical views allow you to compare comparable periods and competitive pricing dynamics to provide additional insights for creating current pricing strategy, tracking price changes, evaluating market behavior and tracking important pricing events.

By automating your competitive price analysis with Ficstar’s software, you will receive accurate pricing data daily without spending valuable resources to manually extracting the data. Automating the process eliminates human error and provides relevant pricing information. Our advanced tool provides clear visuals – not just Excel sheets and numbers – to make sense of raw data. You can easily analyze data and spot trends in pie charts, line graphs, and bar charts.

We help you maximize margins with valuable insights. By capitalizing on information about best-performing products, you can maximize your profits and create long-term growth. Taking it a step further, Ficstar’s competitive pricing analysis software lets you automatically reprice products using algorithms while taking into account market conditions. Your prices will adapt to marketplace changes in real-time to maximize your margins and revenue.

The essence of effective competitive pricing analysis lies in qualitative data. To make the right decisions, businesses must analyze competitors to understand the value a product represents for the end user. Only then can you increase sales, margins, improve interaction with suppliers or gain market share of a competitor.

Ficstar’s customized automates the analysis of entire online catalogues, including tens of millions of products. It highlights the variety and the prices bands, when a product is not available or if it has been discounted. This pricing policy optimization built on market data helps to improve margins and the sales.

You can automatically upload and integrate the data collected by Ficstar’s competitive pricing analysis tool with other sources. Extract the price, promotion and stock status from any e-commerce page and keep it updated.

Built for all sizes of e-commerce companies worldwide, our solution tracks online prices and stock availabilities and lets e-commerce companies to define smart pricing rules depending on their unit product costs and competitor posts to apply dynamic pricing at their web shop to boost their profit margins.

Take advantage of advanced price settings to achieve better price performance and create actionable price insights. With Ficstar, you can discover price improvement opportunities, measure price effectiveness and get a clear overview of the pricing impact over time. Our competitive pricing analysis provides a variety of benefits from smooth integration to high security that will help your business operate faster and better.

Intuitive and easy to use, Ficstar’s competitive pricing analysis tool doesn’t require technical skills to use and integrates easily with your existing APIs. It delivers quality results in real time, so you can keep track of competitors.

We offer a powerful and smart tool to improve price competitiveness, boost competitor pricing analysis strategy and let you implement pricing strategies effectively. Ficstar’s software is developed for monitoring competitor products, prices and promotions to capture market trends continuously, as well send you notifications to guide day to day business decision making. It features modules that accumulate, verify and investigate millions of data points across your industry and market. This way, you know precisely how you are positioned in the marketplace.

With Ficstar’s competitive pricing analysis software, it is easy to take the right action to increase profit margins, improve sales or spread out your offers. Built-in alerts and notifications become core components of your competitor pricing analysis and strategy. Ficstar’s custom-fit solution delivers dynamic reports on your product and pricing groups. You can receive data in file formats that work with your existing technology stack. Configure competitor detail levels that can be deployed as well as configured to your present in-house systems.

By automating your competitive price analysis, you can gain access to accurate, easy to analyze data on a recurring basis. You can test pricing strategies and maximize revenues, with minimal manual work.


Try Ficstar’s competitive pricing analysis software today and start watching your competitors every day.