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We’ve empowered many organizations with our partner-in-business relationship building approach. Our difference is total commitment to customer satisfaction and developing trending technologies to exceed your expectations.

Who Are We?

Ficstar’s story began in 2005 when a team of passionate believers decided that the latest internet technologies could be used to automate the process of archiving all dynamic content from the internet. We knew we were on to something – the ability to provide a complete data solution that would relieve businesses of the overwhelming and laborious task of manually collecting and aggregating huge amounts of market data. We also knew that we could collaborate with our customers to customize our powerful web crawling and data mining solutions, in effect providing businesses with their own custom-designed search engines. We have been exceeding customer expectations ever since, with a complete solution that delivers data from the Deep Web to custom-fit delivery and output, we empower businesses to do what they do best – business.

Web Data Mining

We specialize in web data mining technology, Results collected from the Deep Web will power all your web data needs.

Forward Thinking

Our solutions are built on the latest technologies, such as Cloud Computing and Big Data, so we are well-equipped to help you meet even the most complex Internet data requirements.

Problem Solvers

We strive to create flexible, scalable software so we can deliver solutions that will effectively address your unique needs.

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on superior service and support. Our goal is to ensure that you derive tremendous value from investing in our solutions.

Ficstar Brochure: Automated Web Scraping

Ficstar provides the expertise for web crawling on a totally different level. All web crawlers can be custom-designed for your business needs. Whether you want to track prices or in-stock status, our custom web crawler is the ultimate tool to collect exactly the data you want. Our Cloud-based web crawling and storage system lets you view comprehensive results without an expensive investment in Big Data infrastructure.

Ficstar White Paper:

Advanced Web Data Extraction and Data Mining

We are the experts in web data mining, and we specialize in crawling difficult sites with challenging scripts and collecting hard-to-get embedded content. Our specialized web crawlers scan millions of web pages in hours and save billions of records a day. The system is able to intelligently match and compare data from different sources and present high-quality output results in aggregated report format for all your needs.

IDC Vendor Profile: Ficstar Simplifying Web Data Extraction

We recognize the complexity of acquiring and integrating web data into your business processes. With our suite of advanced web-scraping services, we can address your challenges and provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions. We help our customers make smarter decisions, reduce costs, and increase sales.

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