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Best Web Scraping Companies of 2023

Web scraping has emerged as an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to extract and analyze data from websites. When it comes to web scraping projects of high complexity, the search for a reliable and efficient web scraping company becomes paramount. To assist businesses in making well-informed decisions, we embarked on a research and evaluation of  56 web scraping companies from across the globe. Our assessment revolved around capacity to serve enterprise-level companies, and exceptional customer support. Among the multitude of contenders, 12 companies stood out as potential frontrunners based on their online claims. From that list we selected the 6 best web scraping companies of 2023 from our professional web scraping perspective. 




Founded in 2011, Datafiniti offers instant access to web data through simplified steps accessible via API. Based in the United States, Datafiniti focuses on providing business data, product data, people data, and property data.

  • Why we chose it:
    • Fast Response to inquiries 
    • Availability to share live product demos, data samples, and trial access.
    • Datafiniti is particularly suitable for use cases that require historical data, making it a valuable option for businesses in need of comprehensive insights.

Overview: Established in 2015, introduces the Dexi Commerce Intelligence Suite, a core solution that transforms website data into actionable insights. Based in the United Kingdom, caters to brands, retailers, and data-driven organizations aiming to enhance sales, optimize pricing, availability, and assortment, and expand their share-of-shelf.

  • Why we chose it:
    • Fast Response to inquiries 
    • Availability to share detailed specifications. 
    • had great potential in delivering tailored solutions for various business needs.


Overview: Founded in 2012, Grepsr specializes in helping companies transform scattered and unstructured web data into valuable insights that drive business strategy and excellence. Based in the United States, Grepsr focuses on industries such as eCommerce, housing and real estate, retail and trading, logistics, and healthcare.

  • Why we chose it:
    • Fast Response to inquiries 
    • Keen interest in progressing toward more detailed conversations.
    • Grepsr’s expertise and commitment make it a suitable choice for businesses seeking comprehensive web data solutions.

Overview: Founded in 2012, stands out with its impressive scale of sourcing nearly 500 billion data points monthly, primarily focused on eCommerce across various market segments. Based in the United Kingdom, aims to provide comprehensive solutions for tracking sentiment, brand protection, and price monitoring.

  • Why we chose it:
    • Fast Response to inquiries 
    • Availability and an interest in understanding client requirements.
    • is a suitable choice for businesses seeking eCommerce web scraping data solutions.



Overview: Founded in 2014 and based in the United States, Sequentum offers an end-to-end platform for low-code web data collection at scale. The company positions itself as a thought leader in web data collection product design and risk mitigation strategies for various industries. Sequentum’s focus lies in simplifying the challenges associated with delivering, maintaining, and governing reliable web data collection from multi-structured, constantly changing, and complex data sources. 

    • Why we chose it:
      • Fast Response to inquiries 
      • Available to share extensive demo and more information about the service.
      • Sequentum is suitable for businesses seeking self-service scenarios and in-depth conversations regarding web data collection.



Overview: Founded in 2007, Zyte provides enterprise-grade web crawling, web scraping, and data extraction solutions. Based in Ireland, Zyte offers custom solutions for data licensing of web scraped data, catering to various domains such as e-commerce price scraping, data for recruitment, brand monitoring, and data for market research.

  • Why we chose it: 
    • Fast Response to inquiries 
    • Availability to share detailed specifications about the company and showcases the potential for progressing towards more detailed conversations
    • Zyte is an appealing choice for businesses seeking custom web scraping solutions.

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