Case Study: Baker & Taylor Maximizes Competitive Edge with Ficstar’s Reliable Pricing Data

This extended case study is based on actual client interview and shows how Baker & Taylor moved away from being frustrated and dealing with hassles by working with incapable data service providers and have enjoyed peace of mind by starting to use Ficstar’s reliable web scraping service since five years ago. Simply send a request through the form below and get a copy of this case study today.



1. Outdated competitive price info with bi-monthly data collection

2. Inconsistent, unreliable price date deliveries by service providers

3. Ongoing fee increases from service providers

4. Poor customer service from various providers



Ficstar’s customized solution collects and delivers competitors’ price data daily and weekly in the formats requested by Baker & Taylor at a lower cost than its previous service providers.



1. Current, accurate competitive price data with daily and weekly collection

2. Consistent, reliable deliveries of price data

3. Lower fees

4. Superior customer-oriented service from sole provider

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“Ficstar will always be our provider of choice when it comes to superior, quality data collection and smooth, seamless customer service. Whenever someone asks for a referral to a data mining and data extraction provider, I recommend Ficstar without hesitation.”

Margaret Lane

Vice President of Retail Sales, Baker & Taylor